5 Tips For Designing A Custom Metal Sign

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A custom metal fabricator can make almost any type of metal sign. They can create a large metal sign for your business, a small decorative sign for your kitchen, a big metal arch for your long country driveway, or countless other things. 

But before putting in your order, you should ensure that your design is going to work on metal. Here are some tips to keep in mind. 

1. Think about your idea

Start by thinking about what type of metal sign you want. This is a brainstorming session so be free. Don't limit your ideas. What words do you want on your sign? What images do you want? Do you have any favorite types of metals?

To get ideas, you may want to look at other custom metal signs. What works and doesn't work on other people's designs? Take their successes and failures and run with those ideas. 

2. Draw it on paper

Start sketching your idea out on paper. This allows you to see how the visual elements work together. If you know how to use computer-aided design software (CAD), you can play around with that. Ultimately, that is what your custom fabricator is likely to use while making your sign. 

3. Make sure the desired size works

Keep in mind that something can look good in a sketch but not translate well to the size you need. Think about where you want to put the metal sign. If possible, enlarge your sketch and see if it works in that space. 

If you can't easily enlarge your drawings using software, you can scan a paper drawing into the computer and print an enlarged version. 

Or, to replicate this process by hand, draw a series of squares over your sketch. Then, draw the same amount of squares on a large piece of poster board. Finally, copy the lines in each square. Using squares is often easier than redrawing the whole sketch freehand. 

4. Decide how you want the sign made

This is where you need to start thinking about metal fabrication. What type of metal do you want to use? Do you want holes cut in it for the design? Or do you want the design etched into the metal? Do you want paint or coatings added to your sign?

5. Talk with a custom metal fabricator

When you've got the idea down for your metal sign, contact a metal fabricator. They can refine your design and ensure that everything is going to work well. Then, they can fabricate your sign, and you're ready to go. 

For more information on custom metal fabrication, contact a professional near you.

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