Reasons to Use Polycrystalline Diamond Tooling

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When you choose tooling materials, you want a solution that can meet your project needs for the longest possible time. Diamond tools are a popular option here. Their natural hardness and strength work well in tooling processes.

If you use a polycrystalline diamond (PCD) solution, then you get extra advantages. What is PCD and what are its benefits?

What Is a PCD Tool?

PCD tooling uses a diamond mix to cut. Typically, this mix is made up of tiny particles of diamonds that go through a pressurized process at a high temperature. This fuses the particles together and improves their overall performance. You retain the natural advantages of diamonds but get an even more robust solution.

Why Use PCD Tooling?

The PCD process makes diamond tools harder and more robust. You harness all the natural cutting advantages of diamonds but add extra strength and consistency to your tools. So your tools will work for longer without wear. You won't have to replace them as often if they have harder cutting edges. This helps you keep your replacement costs low.

This also gives you higher-quality and more consistent results. If a tool wears as you use it repetitively, then the quality of your work will degrade until you switch to a new tool. The working edges of the tool may not be able to make completely clean cuts at the right quality levels from the start of a job to its finish.

If your tools last longer, then you also get a more efficient and faster workflow. PCD tools can work for longer periods. You won't have to waste time shutting down production to replace parts that have worn down before you set up your machines again.

The accuracy of PCD tools is also useful. If you're tooling products with very exact design specifications, then you need to find a way of working to spec. Get this wrong and your job time and wastage costs increase. PCD tooling tends to work better when you need precise results.

PCD tools also often produce better quality results than other machines. Diamonds give you a clean and accurate cut. So, you get a better quality of cut, edge, and surface finish. You are also less likely to need to run your products through secondary processes to finish them off.

Before you decide which kind of diamond tooling to use, talk to a diamond tool manufacturer. They can tell you more about why you should consider PCD options.

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