Two Tips For Those Deciding Where To Install Dust Collectors In A Baked Goods Processing Facility

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If you run a facility that specializes in the processing of baked goods and you have arranged for a dust collector installation specialist to fit dust collecting equipment in your building, you should take the advice here into consideration when deciding where to have this equipment installed.

Make sure there is a dust collector unit installed in the area that separates the gluten-rich foods from the gluten-free ones

If your facility produces both gluten-rich and gluten-free baked goods, then you must go to great lengths to prevent any flour that has gluten in it from reaching the rooms in the facility where the gluten-free goods are made. This can be very challenging, as flour particles are tiny and are light enough to float around in the air. This means that even a light breeze in the area that separates the gluten-rich baked goods from the gluten-free ones could lead to the former contaminating the latter.

This is why it might be worth having a dust collector unit installed in this area. This will draw the flour dust that is hanging in the air out of this space before it can reach the area where the gluten-free baked goods are made. When used in combination with other precautionary measures (such as instructing employees to change their work uniforms when moving between these two areas), the installation of a dust collector in this spot could greatly reduce the chance of cross-contamination occurring.

Install multiple, high-powered dust collectors in areas where flour bins are stored

There will also need to be multiple dust collectors installed anywhere in the facility where there are large flour bins. Every time an employee scoops flour out of these bins, some flour will float out of the bins and into the air.

If it is not collected, this flour dust could continue to accumulate in the air to the point where employees may inhale large amounts of it (which might lead to them suffering from baker's asthma) and the dust itself might combust (if there is any ignition source, such as the flame from a gas burner stove, near this area). As such, to prevent the flour used in these bins from causing health and safety problems, you must install several, high-powered dust collectors in this area, which will drastically lower the levels of dust flour in the air, and keep these collectors running at all times.

For more information, contact a dust collector installation service today.

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