Selecting Fans For Your Facility

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Fans may not be the first thing you think about when you move your company into a building, but if you run a manufacturing company with areas that are too large to efficiently air condition, fans can be critical in the warmest parts of the year, and they can help with heating the space as well.

Cooling Fans

Fans are most commonly used to cool an area, but the function of a fan is to move air, so if it is a cooling fan, it needs to have a source of cooler air to draw from. Sometimes that can be an open door, a window, or for large fans mounted on a roof, the outside air may be the best option. In large manufacturing facilities, the temperature often rises as machines and equipment run inside the building. Running a large industrial fan can move air through the area and help keep things a little cooler.

The large cooling fans can be free-standing units that you can move around and use where they are needed the most, or they can be permanently mounted in a wall or on the ceiling. Like the ceiling fan in your home, industrial fans move the air from the floor or ceiling to other parts of the building.

Fans for Heating

It might sound strange that fans can help heat your facility, but if you are using hot air or hot water to heat your building, a fan is the best way to circulate the heated air around the building. In some cases, the fan is mounted on the heater and blows the heat down to the floor or into a room. These heaters are often gas-fired and mounted high on the wall or hanging from the ceiling. The fan is needed to get the hot air low in the room because the natural tendency for hot air to rise would make it impossible to heat the room from above otherwise 

Other Uses for Fans

There are many other ways you may use fans in your facility as well. In a paint shop, they are often used to help dry the paint. In processes that produce smoke or CO2, a fan and some ductwork can remove gases and smoke from an area and make it safer for people to work in. 

Regardless of what you need the fan for, there are many industrial tool and equipment supply companies that offer options for you. Talk to them about what you need the fan for, and they can help you pick out the right fan for your needs. 

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