The Process Of Selling Electrical Equipment

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When you have extra electrical equipment, it makes little sense to throw it into the garbage or to have it simply sitting around collecting dust. A lot of electrical equipment is surprisingly valuable and can either be recycled or can be sold for a profit. The process of selling your electrical equipment and determining where to sell electrical equipment is very easy.

Know What They are Purchasing

Find out exactly the type of equipment that the electrical equipment surplus company is looking for. Many companies will not want burnt out circuit breakers, wire troughs, light fixtures, plugs, or receptacles. However, just because a particular piece of equipment isn't wanted by one company, that doesn't mean you shouldn't contact another.

State the Condition of the Equipment

Make sure to clarify the condition of the equipment. Generally, you'll need to clarify whether the equipment is working or broken. If there are any specific notable issues with the equipment, make sure to clarify this.

Know How the Equipment is Picked Up

If the equipment needs to be picked up by the buyer, state where the equipment is currently located. Find out if the company will handle all of the packaging, or if you would need to place the equipment in a package and load it into the transporter. In some cases, your equipment might be small enough that you could mail it. In other cases, you could just drop it off. The company will inspect your equipment and make sure that it matches the description. 

Take a Picture

Take a picture of the equipment. Try to show it from as many angles as possible. Include a part number, especially if you're not able to provide a picture. This helps speed up processing. State the manufacturer and type of equipment you're selling. Write down a list of the equipment you'll be including. The manufacturer helps the company look up exactly what is being sold.

State the Quantity

Include the quantity of the equipment being sold. If you're wondering how much you'll receive, ask the buyer to clarify how his or her company values excess electrical equipment. Companies that purchase surplus electrical equipment are typically looking to work with sellers long-term. 

Clarify How You'd Like to be Paid

Clarify how you would like to be paid. In some cases, the company may only pay by check. Other companies are willing to make special payment arrangements. Some companies will provide you with a credit toward your purchase. Regardless of how you are paid, you'll be compensated for your efforts.

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