Five Mistakes That Are Costing You More On Construction Building Supplies

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Building material supply costs are generally one of the largest expenses of constructing a building. You can save a lot of money on your building project if you are able to bring down material costs. Unfortunately, mistakes are often made that unnecessarily drive up construction building supply costs.

The following are five mistakes to avoid that are costing you more on construction building supplies:

Never looking for discards or surplus supplies from past projects you can take advantage of

If you don't want to have to pay full price for your building supplies, one possible option is to take advantage of discards or surplus supplies from past orders of other contractors.

Ask your construction material supplier for any opportunities to purchase materials that are discounted in this way before you purchase more expensive custom-made supplies for your project. 

Failing to look into discounts on bulk orders

Material suppliers may be willing to give you a great deal if you're ordering large quantities of supplies for a big project. You should make sure that you're ordering materials all at once in bulk whenever possible. Bring up the possibility of getting a bulk discount with your supplier, and let your supplier know that you'll have additional projects down the road you'll need supplies for to increase your chances. 

Not factoring delivery costs into your estimates

It's important to realize how expensive delivery costs can be when you're ordering a large quantity of supplies for a project. Before you finalize any order, make sure you know how it is going to be delivered.

You may be able to save a lot on your project by finding a supplier offering free delivery if you don't have a vehicle with a large enough capacity to transport your materials yourself.

Making your decision after getting only one bid on your project

Shopping around for numerous bids on a project is a good way to save funds. Different suppliers are going to quote you different prices. It doesn't cost you anything to get numerous bids, but it will probably save you a lot in the long run. 

Trying to get all your supplies from only one supplier

You don't have to order everything from one supplier. One supplier might offer better prices on a particular material than another does, and vice versa. Familiarize yourself with prices on various materials from different suppliers to minimize your materials costs. 

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