Twisting This Way And That: Borescopes And What They Can Do For You

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Borescopes are very interesting instruments. Their lighted camera heads twist this way and that, allowing you to see in the tightest of spaces and around corners. Oil borescopes provide a multitude of services in a variety of fields, too. Take a look at all the ways in which different borescopes can help you.

Looking for Oil

Sending a special borescope down a deep hole in the ground to look for signs of oil is a much better idea than continuing to drill where an oil well may not exist. It saves oil drilling companies millions of dollars when they can find out ahead of time that their efforts may be in vain. Then they can quit drilling in that one spot and move on to another possible site where there may be a lot of oil underground. 

Looking for Sewer Blockages

Sewer scopes slink down through the pipes under your home or commercial building to find out what is blocking the drains. When the problem is discovered, the plumber notes the depth of the camera and the length of the scope's hose so that he/she can get to the problem at the site area and not have to hack through soil and concrete all the way down the line to the problem. It also helps to figure out what is causing the blockage so that it can be avoided in the future. 

Looking for Mechanical Problems

These very tiny borescopes wiggle like little snakes around and through industrial machines, looking for frayed wires, disconnected or loose parts, and anything else that does not look right. It saves a repair technician hours and hours of labor when he/she knows exactly where to go to repair the machine in question, and what needs to be disassembled to get to that component in need of repair. Then the technician does not have to take apart the entire machine to figure out what is wrong; the borescope gives him/her all the information he/she needs.

Looking for Cancer

Scopes used to check for upper and lower digestive tract cancers are types of borescopes. These are medical grade scopes called endoscopes, but their articulating and rotating heads are exactly the same as borescopes. The only difference here is that these scopes go inside the human body and not inside machines, wells, or sewer pipes. They are equally highly specialized scopes that are sterilized for medical diagnostic use. 

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