3 Tips for Expanding Your Oilfield Construction Company into Other Areas

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If you're involved in the oilfield construction industry, you might be thinking about expanding your business and providing services in other areas. If you'd like to expand your oilfield construction company into other areas, these are a few steps that you'll need to take. After giving it a little bit of time and putting in a lot of effort, you might find that you can grow your business beyond what you might have imagined.

1. Work on Marketing in Other Areas

For one thing, if people in other cities and states do not know about your oilfield construction company, then they aren't going to call you and request your services. This means that the first order of business for you to think about when attempting to expand your business into other areas is marketing in these other areas. Setting up an online presence with a website is a good start. You can also call and reach out to companies in different areas that you think could maybe benefit from your services.

2. Use an Equipment Rental Service

Of course, one concern that you have to think about is how you're going to use your oilfield construction equipment in other areas. Instead of going through the hassle and paying for the expense of moving all of your equipment each time that your company works out of town or out of state, you might want to use oilfield equipment rental services in these areas. Then, you can rent the equipment that you need for each job without having to worry about bringing your company's existing equipment with you.

3. Figure Out Temporary Housing for Your Employees

If you're going to be doing work in another city or state, then you're going to need to find a place for your employees to stay overnight until the job is completed. Therefore, you should start exploring your options for housing for your employees, such as renting hotel rooms. If you call a hotel in the area where you and your crew will be working, you may be able to score a deal for renting multiple rooms for multiple nights. This will obviously come with an added cost, so make sure that you keep this in mind when setting prices for jobs that are outside of your local area.

If you're thinking about expanding into other areas with your oilfield construction business, then you'll need to take the steps above to get started. In time, your business might grow and expand just like you were hoping it would.

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