Shelving Options For Your Warehouse When You Need To Maximize Space

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If your warehouse is running out of room, it may be time to maximize your storage space with new shelving. There are several options for warehouse shelving and shelving structures, so you can match the system with the type of inventory you store. This lets you use your space more effectively while allowing plenty of room for foot traffic and forklift operation. Here are some options in shelving to consider.

Platform System

A platform shelf structure is like adding a second level to your warehouse. You could install a platform and place wire shelves on it to store light items in bins and then store heavier items on the floor below. A platform structure allows you to double your floor space, and it could be a good option depending on the items you store. You can place a platform in one corner of your warehouse so it doesn't take up the entire building unless that fits your goals. Getting supplies to the top level can be done with a forklift, and your crew can access the platform with stairs. Platform structures, also called mezzanines, can be installed in a variety of ways so you can find a system that maximizes your space the best.

Steel Shelves

A steel shelving system could be ideal for your warehouse since these are easy to customize. You can choose the length and width you want so you can store large, heavy items or small bins of inventory. Steel is strong and tough so these shelves can handle a lot of weight, including pallet loads. The open front of these shelves makes it easy to load them with a forklift and to see what's on the shelves. These shelves can be accessed from the front and back, which makes it easy to use older inventory first.

Gravity Shelves

If you have a need to store smaller boxes and goods, then gravity, or flow roller, shelves might be a solution. These are metal shelves that have rollers on them that make sliding boxes from the back to the front easy. Plus, the shelves are slanted so the boxes slide to the front using gravity. These shelves are useful if you need to follow a procedure of using the oldest inventory first. Your crew loads boxes into the back of the shelving unit, and the boxes roll to the front where they are removed when ready to be used.

In addition, there are many types of storage shelves for small items from open wire shelves to enclosed cabinets. There's a shelving solution for your warehouse that can help you stay in your building by increasing storage space. All it takes is learning what's available in storage systems and then planning your floor space so you can use them most effectively.

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