A Look At The Pros And Cons Of Fire Tube Steam Boilers

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When it is time to pick out an industrial boiler unit for your facility, picking the best will be critical, and there are several different choices. Fire tube boilers are a common choice, and it is easy to see why with a little examination. Looking at the pros and cons of different boiler types will help you determine which is best. Take a look at the pros and cons of fire tube steam boiler systems for an industrial operation. 

Pro: Fire tube steam boilers are highly efficient boiler systems. 

The greatest advantage of the fire tube steam boiler is its operational efficiency. These units have the capacity to generate an incredible amount of heat without a lot of fuel usage because they offer a thermal heat conductivity action by transmitting heat to water which radiates the heat. Industrial business owners get more for their money because the systems do not use a lot of fuel, whether it is natural gas, propane, or otherwise. 

Con: The capacity of generated steam overall can be less than with some other boiler types. 

Some industrial business owners prefer the fire tube boiler system because it generates steam at an even keel. However, steam generation can be a little less robust with some fire tube boiler models, especially when compared to some other units like a water tube boiler. You may find the steam capacity to be slightly lacking for some applications. 

Pro: The system has a simplistic design that is easy to maintain and operate.

Fire tube boiler systems consist of tubes where heat passes through and a tank filled with water, and those are the two primary components of the system. Therefore, a fire tube boiler unit is a rather simplified industrial system that is fairly easy to operate and maintain. If something does mess up on the boiler system, it is not all that hard to reach out to a manufacturer to order parts and replace them on your own. 

Con: Fire tube boilers can be a little more prone to leaks. 

One of the biggest disadvantages of the fire tube steam boiler is that it can be a little more prone to leaks than some of its smaller counterparts. The reasoning behind this is the vertical layout of the fire tube itself can encourage corrosion in certain areas, but a lot of manufacturers have taken measures to thwart problems with leaks for the long term. 

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